UTMB wondered

How can we get the word out about the great work you do?

We at UTMB work wonders every day. And we want to spread the word! In a region that’s highly competitive in health care, we face a challenge in sharing our message with the people who could benefit the most from what UTMB makes possible.

The answer? A new brand awareness campaign that highlights UTMB's great work. All of the elements are designed to illustrate how we improve health for the people of Texas and for those around the world.

Through television, radio and digital advertising, this new campaign will show the rest of the world how we’re Working Together to Work Wonders. The ads launch to the public on Jan. 16, but you can see it all here first.

Take a moment to watch a brief campaign video featuring President Callender and Marketing and Communications VP Steve Campbell. Then, explore the TV, radio and digital/web components of the campaign:

TV Commercials

Big screens and small screens. Video commercials are at the heart of the new campaign, and to get the most exposure, we’ll be sharing the clips on broadcast television and targeted cable. We’ll also be delivering the commercials via the internet, on digital sites such as Hulu, and on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.
Radio Advertisements

Can you hear me? The campaign includes audio clips that correspond with each of the wonders. These will be featured on broadcast and internet radio. The versions below are for Pandora.
Digital / Web Advertisements

Why two versions for each topic? We're planning to share both concepts with our audiences ("A/B testing"), to determine which approach engages the most people. The samples below are representative; the digital ads come in a variety of sizes and styles custom-designed for specific venues.
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